A national approach to health outcome development

  • The Department of Health (DoH) initiated a national approach to health outcome development in 1993 by setting up a team within the DoH, called the Central Health Outcomes Unit (CHOU).
  • From 1998-2008 the DoH outsourced the function and the National Centre for Health Outcomes Development (NCHOD) was established
  • NCHOD comprised teams from Unit of Health-Care Epidemiology (UHCE - in the Department of Public Health, Oxford University), and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).
  • Research and development work was undertaken both by UHCE and by LSHTM
  • The London branch took responsibility for the production and publication of outcome measures.
  • This work was funded by the Department of Health, and then subsequently the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre.